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PSP UMD case is the specially designed for the psp's UMD the universal media disc. As psp cases are necessary to protect your psp similarly UMD of psp needs protection, and for the purpose of their protection psp umd case is constructed according to its size and shapes. These cases are available in different colors, and designs. These discs are two and a half inches wide and only 0.35 ounces in weight, the cases formed for these discs are almost three inches wide.
Hard Sheltered PSP UMD Case

Hard sheltered psp umd case is one of the best umd cases that provide you complete protection to your umd of psp. There are sections in it which provide separate place for each disc. This special psp umd case is designed by Sony computer entertainment. You can keep almost eight umd comfortably in this case. Hard sheltered psp umd case is very functional case. It protects the umd from scratches, dust, etc and increases the life of your psp's umd. It is branded by the popular company "Sony". This psp umd case is available in market in different colors. Most likely colors in these cases are black, brown, beach, and etc. its durability is at high priority.
Leather PSP UMD Case

Leather psp umd case is also called as psp umd carrying case. This special designed psp umd case are vary in colors and very soft in use. It provides complete protection to your umd. Almost 10 umd can be put in it. There is a finger strap with it to hold it with ease. Leather used in it of very good quality. It looks like a small pouch. There is a small pocket at outside of it that provides you place to put memory sticks and cards of psp in it.
Plastic PSP UMD Case

Psp umd case is available in different materials like leather, plastic, metals, and etc. all have their own attributes and features but the aim is same that is to protect umd from physical disorders like dust, scratches, and etc. plastic psp umd case is one of the light weighted psp umd case. These are also durable cases and available in colors; pink, white, transparent, sky blue, black, green, purple, and yellow. Each color has a set of six. Plastic psp umd case is an easy set-up and easy storage for the psp umd case

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This article was published on 2010/12/03